Rigorous, Trustworthy & Quality Beauty Safety Strategies To Responsibly & Compliantly Assure Beauty & Cosmetics Customers

Innovative & Future-Proofed Strategies To Safeguard Consumers Through Cosmetic Regulation Revision & Cosmetovigilance • Trusted Ingredients & Raw Materials • Alternative Testing & Assessment • Sustainable Strategies & Safe Packaging • Effective Claims & Labelling • Rigorous Allergen Controls •        Animal Testing • Clean Beauty & Toxicology

Join 22 Safety, Technical, Regulatory & Quality Leaders In London As They Share Their Future-Proofed Safety Strategies, All In One Day! For Group Discounts, Click Here.

22 Safety & Regulatory Leaders Will Share Future-Proof Safety Strategies To Protect Beauty Customers With Latest Regulatory Trends & Updates, Trusted & Recommended Ingredients & Raw Materials, Alternative Risk & Assessment Methods, Effective Claims & Labelling, Sustainable Strategies & Safe Packaging, Tighter Allergen Controls & Tech & AI Tools Which Advance Safety & Quality, All In One Day!

Cosmetovigilance • Critical Regulatory Updates • Assessment & Testing Innovations • Ingredients & Raw Materials • Sustainability • Animal Testing Ban • Allergens • Safe Packaging • Effective Claims & Labelling • Clean Beauty • Toxicology


Cosmetic Regulation Revision – Critical Updates!

Interpret the latest safety guidelines to effectively adapt and react with revitalised safety methods


Safety-Boosting Cosmetovigilance:

Effectively identify and monitor the potential hazards and risks from customer data for rigorous safety strategies which protect consumers


Substantiate Claims With Fair & Honest Labelling – Hot Topic!

Consider the impact of changing safety regulations to design labels which truly convey the benefits of your beauty products


Ingredients & Raw Materials Evaluations:

Scrutinise the requirements around ingredients to build transparent and clear labelling beauty consumers can understand


Ground-Breaking Testing & Assessment Methods:

Review the latest innovations in testing and assessments and prove the safety of a finished product for reduced harm to beauty buyers, and reduced animal testing


Drive Planet-Friendly, Sustainable Safety & Packaging Strategies!

Develop safe, sustainable products that appeal to eco-conscious consumers while complying with packaging regulations


Strengthen Allergen Protection:

Practical solutions to deliver gentler, hypoallergenic products that can be safely used by everyone


Customer Data & Reporting:

Enhance safety through adverse reports to flag risks and concerns to improve future formulas


Clean, Skin-Friendly, Non-Toxic Beauty:

Promote long-term health and hygiene benefits through natural products consumers love and trust


Rigorous & Reliable Safety Controls:

Quickly detect undesirable effects and toxicities in cosmetic products for appropriate preventive action that ensures high levels of safety


  • Brand New Speaker Line-Up Featuring Dermalogica, No.7 Beauty Company, Bleach London, Walgreens Boots Alliance & Many More
  • Innovations & Updates Around Latest Safety Challenges
  • 2 Interactive Panel Discussions:
  1. Effective Claims & Labelling – Hot Topic
  2. Critical Regulatory & Safety Updates
  • 7 Dedicated Beauty Safety Discussions:
    Effective Claims & Labelling – Hot Topic
    Critical Regulatory & Safety Updates
  1. Nanomaterials
  2. Safety Culture
  3. Market Surveillance
  4. Health & Safety Communications
  5. Tech Innovations
  6. Supply Chain
  7. Fragrance

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